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I will recommend this service to everyone on my friends email list.. I'm so happy to get my laptop back in good order. I'm so glad I found you

- Betty Stelee

I would recommend PC Boost to anyone!!! I had to wait and wait to do anything on my computer. Now it is so fast, and the expert I had from PC Boost was so easy to work with. Best experience ever.

- Renita Rollie

Programs were very slow loading and I turned to PC Booster for help. My PC is running like a champ now thanks to PC Booster. Well Done!!!

- William Douglas Snow

My pc was full of bugs and nothing was working. I called PC booster and they fixed it to new pc. I can't thank them enough. they deserve kudo's for their service.

- Linda J Crosby

My laptop runs much better after using PC Booster. It gave be the ability to install on 3 computers, which is handy in a busy family.. Total thumbs up and a great buy!

- Joseph Goldstein

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