PC Booster restored performance to a second PC in the kid's bedroom and saved me a bundle. Thanks

- G Mann, Delran, NJ

Awesome, the scan was quick and fixed PC in no time!

- Steve C., Atlanta, GA

I can now download from my camera again! thanks

- D Whitton, Little Rock, AR

Worked like a charm, really easy to setup and speed up my PC

- G Stein., NYC, NY

After I ran PC Booster the first time, it felt like my PC had a new lease of life!

- J Davies ., Houston, TX

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Are You Losing Business Because Of Your Slow PCs?

Are the employees in your office bother and upset with PCs that:

  • Start up only after they've gone for the morning coffeee run?
  • Take forever to run new software?
  • Shut down or freeze up for now apparent reason at all?

According to a study done by Intel, the average time that users spend waiting for their computers to perform common every day actions is 13 minutes. Imagine what it would cost if every one of your employees spent this much time every day sitting around doing nothing. 13 minutes times 5 days times 52 weeks in a year would equal roughly 3300 hours per year, per employee.

Calculate the opportunity cost for each employee by multiplying that number by their hourly rate and then total up that amount for all employees and you'll be able to see how much you're paying for your employees to wait for their slow PCs to work.

Seems pretty outrageous?

With PC Booster you can extend PC life by up to 2 years, reduce capital
expenditure and create a more positive user experience throughout your

Improve Productivity and PC Performance

1. Download Disk Booster
Scan your PC to find system clutter

2. Scan and Defrag
Optimize file systems for reduced seek times and rotational delay for faster PC performance

3. Enjoy a Safer Computer!
Lets you work faster and play harder, extend the life of your PC and saves time

Get a cleaner, faster, and smoother
computer with PC Booster

Compatibility:   Windows® 7   Windows® 8   Windows® 10