PC Booster restored performance to a second PC in the kid's bedroom and saved me a bundle. Thanks

- G Mann, Delran, NJ

Awesome, the scan was quick and fixed PC in no time!

- Steve C., Atlanta, GA

I can now download from my camera again! thanks

- D Whitton, Little Rock, AR

Worked like a charm, really easy to setup and speed up my PC

- G Stein., NYC, NY

After I ran PC Booster the first time, it felt like my PC had a new lease of life!

- J Davies ., Houston, TX

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Are your IT Support costs ballooning?

Are Staff irritated with PCs that:

Is your IT support desk stretched to the limit? Worse still is your business still running when your computers are down?

Business users are increasingly making use of cloud and web based
applications via their browsers. This temporary data, history and other
downloads can compromise PC performance without regular maintenance

Extend PC Life by Two Years and Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Computers slow as they age. They accumulate all sorts of clutter, downloads and errors from repeated use. This puts strain on the IT helpdesk, as more and more end users call up to troubleshoot PC problems and ask for upgrades or even new computers.

Slow computers can frustrate your employees, reduce productivity and lower morale, as well as increase IT support costs. This can affect your bottom line and increase the total cost of ownership of desktop and mobile computer fleet.

By taking a pro-active approach to desktop management with PC Booster, companies can extend the life of their PCs and reduce capital expenditure. According to Gartner, a well-managed computer can save up to 42% compared to unmanaged PC.

Total Cost of Ownership Per Year (Source: Gartner)

How PC Booster Benefits your Organization

PC Booster can help fix your PCs by removing the files and data that are slowing down your machine. Not to mention the countless other tasks that it can perform. It can increase your staff's productivity and ultimately increase your bottom line

  • Extend PC life by up to 2 years and reduce capital expenditure.
  • Create a more positive user experience by eliminating PC issues.
  • Reduce PC downtime and increase employee productivity
  • Provide relief and reduce IT Support costs for computers that have fewer problems.
  • Reduce power and cooling costs.

Improve Productivity and PC Performance

1. Download Disk Booster
Scan your PC to find system clutter

2. Scan and Defrag
Optimize file systems for reduced seek times and rotational delay for faster PC performance

3. Enjoy a Safer Computer!
Lets you work faster and play harder, extend the life of your PC and saves time

Get a cleaner, faster, and smoother
computer with PC Booster

Compatibility:   Windows® 7   Windows® 8   Windows® 10