PC Booster restored performance to a second PC in the kid's bedroom and saved me a bundle. Thanks

- G Mann, Delran, NJ

Awesome, the scan was quick and fixed PC in no time!

- Steve C., Atlanta, GA

I can now download from my camera again! thanks

- D Whitton, Little Rock, AR

Worked like a charm, really easy to setup and speed up my PC

- G Stein., NYC, NY

After I ran PC Booster the first time, it felt like my PC had a new lease of life!

- J Davies ., Houston, TX

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Are You Wasting Hard Earned Dollars On Bloated Electricity Bills?

While the cost of computer equipment has fallen over the years, the cost of conventional power has risen dramatically.

Businesses are spending too much money on PCs that waste electricity because they:

  • Have PCs that run inefficiently which use up excess amounts of electricity
  • Have to constantly keep their offices cool because of excess heat given off by poorly performing PCs

See the problem of slow PC performance isn't just with the PC itself. PCs that run inefficiently can cause other issues that ultimately cost your company's bottom line.

When your PC has to work extra hard to process information as it is not fully optimized and is cluttered with errors, it pulls excess power in order to work at maximum capacity and keep itself cool. This inadvertently costs more money for your company and increases greenhouse emissions. This problem can easily be solved by using PC Booster.

Improve Productivity and PC Performance

1. Download Disk Booster
Scan your PC to find system clutter

2. Scan and Defrag
Optimize file systems for reduced seek times and rotational delay for faster PC performance

3. Enjoy a Safer Computer!
Lets you work faster and play harder, extend the life of your PC and saves time

Get a cleaner, faster, and smoother
computer with PC Booster

Compatibility:   Windows® 7   Windows® 8   Windows® 10