Let Disk Booster Optimize Your File System And Speed Up Your PC

Your hard-drive is your PC's weakest link and can show many symptoms that a problem exist. If left untreated, it can lead to a crash and data loss.

Disk Booster is an fast defrag tool that works silently in the background safeguarding your hard drive from trouble, and optimizing your file system for maximum PC performance

Lets me work faster and play harder

Disk Booster's Speed Booster re-organizes your files allowing your PC to access frequently accessed files faster and speeds up your PC. Free space is consolidated allowing faster access to large file or disk caching of large video files. In addition this slows any re-fragmentation and speeds up disk read and write speeds.

Extends the life of my PC

Disk Booster reduces and prevents fragmentation of your files. This means that your computer and hard-drive have to work less to access your files to demands of your PC's applications, extends its life, prevents premature failure and potential data loss.

Boosts my PC and laptop performance

Disk Booster can move Windows and operating system files to one continuous area and the fastest part of your hard-disk. This can reduce seek time and rotational delay. This translates into faster PC start-up and shorter delays in launching demanding applications.

Saves me time and money

Studies show that defragged computers have fewer incidents and less prone to PC problems. This can reduce the number of support incidents or extended downtime when your computer may be down or in the computer repair shop. A defragged hard-drive allows you to squeeze most performance out of your PC without expensive upgrades or new hardware

Protects my privacy

Disk Booster uses military grade data shredding technology to permanently delete confidential and free space to prevent unauthorized access in your hard-drive. With several shredding options available depending on the sensitivity of the files, Disk Booster can minimize the chance of unauthorized data recovery.

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