Why Disk Booster over Windows Defrag?

Not all defrag programs are the same or have the ability to defrag you drive in a single pass, or work silently in the background without interrupting your work or gaming. While Windows does include a defrag tool, its functionality is severely limited. Disk Booster provides outstanding performance to ensure your PC's hard disc space is optimized around your unique usage patterns and reclaim free space. Windows defrag tools lacks the ability to organize your hard-disc and its optimize its content to prevent fragmentation before it happens.

With Disk Booster's Fragshield, Windows boot files can be moved in one continuous block allowing faster boot-up of your PC. If you are in a hurry, Optimize Free Space, can move your free space into one continuous block, allowing fast read and write for demanding applications such as video editing, computer aided design, accounting and gaming.

Disk Booster Delivers Outstanding Performance Against Windows Defrag

Maximize PC Performance And Automatically Manage Your Hard-drive

Fast Disk Defrag

Intelligent defrag engine optimizes your file system faster

Easy to Use

Designed for use by both beginners and experienced users

Automatic Optimization

Prevent fragmentation before it happens

Small Footprint

Low memory footprint that works without slowing PC performance

Experience Faster Browsing and Video

Optimizes file system for fast loading of Windows, programs and games

Smart Scheduler

Designed to work around you, set and forget disk optimization

Enhance Photo and Video Editing

Access Files Faster With Free Space Consolidation

Evidence Terminator

Permanently delete any file and shred free space

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