Key Benefits of Game Booster Pro

Maximum Lag-free Game Play Performance

Game Booster Pro includes advanced performance algorithms to improve PC gaming performance. It can routinely distinguish between temporary and unnecessary background processes to free up crucial system resources.

This can increase frame rate for a silky smooth game play and increase overall PC speed. In nut shell, Game Booster Pro is capable of squeezing every ounce of performance from your computer without any harm.

Faster Game Start

Game Booster Pro can accelerate the time it takes to load and start a game. It has extraordinary ability to re-organize and optimize how a program is stored on your PC.

This means that a program can load much faster in one continuous block on the fastest part of your hard-drive. No more time-lags - just a much faster start to your favorite Game.

Keep your drivers up to date

Drivers (such as video/sound cards) are an essential part of a modern game. Without them, your sound or your display would not work correctly. Game Booster Pro automatically checks to see if you have the latest drivers and accelerators installed on your PC

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Operating System:    Designed for Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000

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Designed to:    To get the maximum performance from your PC within existing PC
resources without harming PC's normal functionalities in any way.

Game Booster Pro - for the ultimate game play experience

Game Booster is designed to accelerate PC performance for an enhanced gaming experience. Even if your computer is a few years old, it can significantly improve its gaming performance.

Game Booster includes behind-the-hood enhancements of your system. It can free system resources from unnecessary system process and memory clogging applications. It can optimize your system's memory and CPU to deliver an enhanced gaming experience without lags.

Get a cleaner, faster, and smoother
computer with PC Booster

Compatibility:   Windows® 7   Windows® 8   Windows® 10