Major Features- Games Booster Pro

Game Booster is able to divert or use all unused system resources towards your gaming software. It turns off few unimportant services of the system on temporary basis so that the performance can be maximized for your gaming program. It is very easy to use and needs just few simple mouse clicks to navigate it. However, at the click of a switch, you can switch between normal mode, used for everyday computing, to game mode. This fast switching mode can save time between the different set-ups of your PC.

Game Power Tools

Game Power Tools provides you to download and update essential Game Accelerators and drivers.

Game Defrag

Game Defrag can defrag your program folders. Just select a program and analyze with the help of intuitive interface.

System Tweaks

Essential Windows tweaks to change configuration and system set-up

System Tweaks

Game Tools Such as Mouse, Keyboard, Game Controller, to adjust Power Settings, it also can open disk cleanup feature directly from the program

Game Secrets

Game Secrets There are many game secrets that can make your gaming experience better and can squeeze every single resource to your game.

Game Booster Pro - for the ultimate game play experience

Game Booster is designed to accelerate PC performance for an enhanced gaming experience. Even if your computer is a few years old, it can significantly improve its gaming performance.

Game Booster includes behind-the-hood enhancements of your system. It can free system resources from unnecessary system process and memory clogging applications. It can optimize your system's memory and CPU to deliver an enhanced gaming experience without lags.

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Compatibility:   Windows® 7   Windows® 8   Windows® 10