Keep Your Personal Or Confidential Information Safe

Whenever you use your PC, a vivid log of activity is stored for every action that you take. If you think that this activity has been removed from your PC and is no longer at risk of being stolen, think again.

This hidden digital trail can easily recovered even long after it has been cleared or if you reformat your hard disc.

How Does PC Booster Protect My Privacy?

  • Identify what data you would like to keep, and what data you would like to eliminate
  • Perform intense bullet proof methods for ensuring that all deleted data has been removed.
  • Prevent the discovery of deleted data through advanced techniques
  • Remove all temporary Internet files and data from your PC permanently so it cannot be recovered
  • Eliminate session data left behind by chat sessions and other online activity
  • Choice of multi-pass military shredding options - Quick, Safe (DoD 5220.22-M) to Very Secure

PC Booster is able to clean out your activity logs and securely delete the contents of your recycle bin or deleted data so that you don't have to be concerned about losing your personal data or other confidential information.

Delete Files And Eradicate Activity Logs Quickly

Simply deleting your Internet cache and then removing it from the recycle bin is just not good enough. Windows and common programs leave digital details trails of activity, even after it's been cleared, that if in the wrong hands could be financially or personally damaging.

You have to take it one step further and completely eliminate all traces of the information because it can be easily recovered even months or years after or even if you reformat your PC.

All activity log tracks left by your computer usage can be safely and securely deleted with PC Booster's Evidence Terminator, designed using the latest cutting edge multi pass data shredding technology.

Go Faster, Stop Crashes and Extend the Life of Your PC

Finally you can enjoy your PC, no matter what your experience level. PC Booster can ensure you have a truly revitalized, just like new system, since it makes fixing and tuning your PC quick and convenient - put simply - it does the job!

Clean My PC

Keep Your PC tuned as new with easy maintenance

Improve Stability

Repair and clean files that may slow down your PC

Speedup My PC

Unclog bottlenecks which drag down your PC's speed

Live PC Support

Get live help 24/7 to fix your tech woes

Extend PC Life

Save money and increase PC life by up to 2 years

Evidence Terminator

Permanently erase your Internet activity and unwanted files

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It took a while to clean my computer up but results are wonderful Thanks so much for working through all my computer issues. The response was very quick when I had a question or concern. Great job!
- Louise Peck

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