How can Browser Settings be cleaned and optimized?

You can choose to optimize browser settings when you perform a system scan and optimization. On the Scan settings screen (Settings => Scan settings) select the Browsers section to indicate that you wish to have your Browser Settings cleaned and optimized.

The following browsers are supported by PC Booster:
– Internet Explorer

– Firefox

– Google Chrome

– Apple Safari

– Opera

1. Press Settings=> Scan Settings=> Privacy

2. Choose the browsers that you wish to have cleaned and optimized.

3. Choose the different browsers that you would like to have addressed during this step. The applicable settings for Internet Explorer include auto-complete form data, cookies, downloaded program files, index.dat, cache, and history and address bar. For Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera web browsers the applicable settings that are cleaned and optimized include cookies, passwords, cache, and history and address bar.

4. If you would like to leave specific settings as they are, then you must indicate them as such during the cleanup settings.

When you perform the cleaning process, all items will be addressed as you have them selected in the Scan settings, and progress of the steps included in the scan process will be indicated with the progress bar. Upon completion of the System Scan, a summary of the scan results will be displayed for you to view. Included in the scan results will be a summary of the disk clean process which will indicate the sections that were cleaned and the total number of items cleaned.

How to avoid cleaning or removing certain browser cookies:

  1. Choose the desired browser from Settings=> Scan settings => Privacy. From the list of available browsers and the choose Select Cookies to Keep.
  2. Click OK to save the settings

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