How do I clean multimedia or search history?

You can access the settings for multimedia and search history under the Scan Settings section. (Settings => Scan settings) Simply expand the Multimedia or Search History tabs to manipulate the settings for these sections during the system scan. This section will allow you to clean data obtained from third party software applications.

When you select the Multimedia and Search History tabs, you will have the option to clean such things as file lists, URL history, and other recent file and application data from many different programs including Microsoft Office and Macromedia Flash files.

If you wish to clean third party software data as part of the scan, please go to Settings=> Scan settings => Disk Clean-up and then select the different third party software applications that you would like to include. When complete, click OK.

During the scanning process, the items that you have selected will be scanned, analyzed, and cleaned. Upon completion, the results of the cleaning process will be displayed in a summary view. You will have the option to view the details of the cleaning and other scan tasks that took place.

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