How does PC Booster protect my privacy?

PC Booster erases your digital trail such as Internet history (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari) IM history (Yahoo, AOL, Skype, MSN), Search history and multimedia (Windows Media Player, Win amp, VLC Player, Real Player, QuickTime) activity. It uses Evidence Terminator to shred all personal and confidential computer activity including all major web browsers and chat programs.

By default when you scan with the program it does a Quick, one pass overwrite of your privacy trail. You can increase this setting to Thorough, which does a seven pass overwrite.

To do this, please start the program, click on Settings, then select Scan Settings. From there select the Evidence Terminator sub-tab. From here you can increase the shredding capability for your Internet and activity history.

Please note that upgrading the shredding level, increases the time and disk activity to complete the task.

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