How will my system be optimized?

You can access the settings for multimedia and search history under the Scan Settings section. (Settings => Scan settings) Simply expand the Multimedia or Search History tabs to manipulate the settings for these sections during the system scan. This section will allow you to clean data obtained from third party software applications.

When you optimize your system, the following tweaks and patches will take place:

DLLs will be removed from Windows memory

DLLs, or Dynamic Link Libraries, are cached in memory for a specified amount of time after the application that was using them has been terminated. If the PC in question already has a low supply of available memory, then this action can cause an even more inefficient means of memory usage which can negatively affect PC performance. This can produce system delays and slowdowns.

The Menu Show Delay is reduced

Often times you will notice a delay in the process of displaying Windows menus which can be rather distracting and an annoyance to PC users. By utilizing the tools that PC Booster provides, the delay in displaying Windows menus will be reduced.

Applications and Tasks are automatically ended

During the Windows shut down process, all system tasks that are found to be running will be ended at that point instead of allowing them to close out safely, which could take a much longer amount of time. This can potentially decrease the amount of time that it takes for Windows to shut down.

Windows shut down time is decreased

PC Booster can also help decrease the amount of time it takes for Windows to perform the shut- down step.

Boot File Optimization

Defragmenting of the Windows boot file will occur, which will improve Windows startup efficiency and decrease the amount of time that it takes Windows to boot up.

Disk Cleaning

You can opt to have PC Booster perform the disk cleaning step for you during the system scan. Simply click Scan Settings > Disk clean to configure the settings for the disk cleanup process.

When the disk clean process is run, a number of sections of your PC will be optimized in order to provide better overall system performance. Some of the areas that are optimized include:

– Recent Document Folder history

– Find/Search Folder history

– Scan Disk temporary files

– Clipboard content

– Run history

– Temporary Files directory

– Windows Recycle Bin.

Microsoft Office applications

History is stored in the Microsoft Office Suite which can build up to the point where it negatively affects PC performance. Regular cleaning of these areas is often a good idea and can eliminate recent file data that takes up space. History from the following applications will be cleaned:

– Access

– Excel

– Photo Editor

– PowerPoint

– Outlook

– Word

To perform the disk clean process, select Disk Clean on the Scan Settings screen. When the cleaning process is carried out, the overall progress of the process will be indicated on the progress bar for the system scan. During this process, temporary data, history data, and other miscellaneous information clutter will be cleared from your PC in order to free up much needed disk space for faster processing capabilities. Upon completion a summary screen will display the results of the cleaning process where you will be able to see what was changed and why.

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