Everything I need to Clean
and Speed up My PC!

  • Cleans up your computer
  • Improves my PC's performance
  • Increase the speed of programs and games
  • Makes my PC easier to use everyday

Boost Performance

PC Booster can help you get more from your PC whether you are working, playing or even surfing with your PC. It can identify unneeded or useless programs that may be taking up system resources or slowing up boot time, or hidden junk files that may clogging up your system. In this way, PC Booster can help improve

Game Booster

  • Optimizes your PC for smoother, more responsive game play
  • Temporarily turns off unnecessary background processes
  • Tweak system settings for gaming and clean RAM
  • Redirects processing power to active programs or games

Games Booster, a bonus available with PC Booster, allows you to optimize your PC for a smoother, more responsive gaming experiencing. The program identifies unneeded Windows and other background processes, and tweak settings to increase resources available for game-play, or business intensive processes such as modeling or computer aided design.

While Game Drivers may be available on manufacturer's website at no charge, Game Booster eliminates the risk, identifies outdated drivers and downloads them at no charge.

Free Up Disk Space

  • Quick and Extensive System Clean-up
  • Optimizes disk usage
  • Clears up clutter and wasted space on your PC

PC Booster removes unused files from your system allowing your PC to run faster. It identifies hidden junk files and other temporary files that are no longer needed by Windows but can clog up your system. and waste valuable disk space. With PC Booster you can reclaim valuable disk space and keep your PC less fragmented.

Turbo Start-up Manager

  • Control which programs start at boot-up time
  • Turn-off un-needed programs and improve resources
  • Improve PC boot up speed

With PC Booster you can easily identify which programs start ups with your PC. Each additional program on start-up can slow both boot time and general PC operation. By disabling unnecessary programs, it can increase the speed of loading Windows.

Uninstaller Booster

  • Conveniently locate all programs installed on your PC
  • Eases the uninstall process
  • Removes stubborn programs
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