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  • Increase the speed of programs and games
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Evidence Terminator - Secure Shredder

All activity log tracks left by your computer usage can be safely and securely deleted with PC Booster's enhanced Privacy Cleaner, designed using the latest cutting edge multi pass data shredding technology.

Privacy Cleaner with Evidence Terminator

  • Protects your Internet privacy and personal information
  • Purges and shreds activity from web browsers, chat programs and multimedia programs
  • Clears MS Office and Windows Search history

PC Booster helps protect your Internet privacy by cleaning all traces of your online and user activities such as Internet history, IM history, Search history and multimedia activity. It uses Evidence Terminator to shred all personal and confidential computer activity including all major web browsers and chat programs

Evidence Terminator

  • Securely deletes confidential data from your PC
  • Choice of shredding options from Quick, Safe (DoD 5220.22-M) to Very Secure
  • Removes sensitive files with no chance of recovery

PC Booster uses military grade data shredding technology to permanently delete confidential or sensitive data from your hard-drive to prevent unauthorized access. With several shredding options available depending on the sensitivity of the files, PC Booster can minimize the chance of any data recovery, even by forensic experts. Quick wipe is the fastest wipe option and deletes data in a single overwrite pass. Safe wipe, complies with Department of Defence (DoD 5220.22-M) and does 3 overwrite pass. Very Secure goes much further and implements the Gutmann method with 35 overwrite pass.

Terminator for Recycle Bin

  • Secures the recycle bin to permanently remove sensitive files with no chance of recovery
  • Prevents unauthorized access to data
  • Shell integration into Windows Explorer for ease access to the Evidence Terminator interface

Windows does not permanently erase the contents of your recycle bin just because you emptied it . These deleted files are still on your PC and can be easily recovered with simple recovery software. With Evidence Terminator for the Recycle Bin, PC Booster ensures that deleted files are securely destroyed to prevent unauthorized access or recovery.

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