How do I tune-up my PC with PC Booster?

Using PC Booster is very straight-forward whatever your level of PC experience. The program has three simple steps which are outlined in the application, so truly anyone can use it.

Step 1 begins with the scan of your PC. Please start the program and press Start Scan. Please select all areas, which is selected by default, and follow on-screen instructions to begin the scan of your PC.

Step 2 after the initial scan is complete, you can view the detailed results and expand individual areas. Or you can skip this and proceed to make a backup of your registry and create a System restore point, before proceeding to a complete repair and optimization of your PC.

Step 3 completes the repair of your registry, clean-up your hard-disk, deletes any digital trace and tunes up your PC. This is the final step and completes the repair and optimization process.

Please note that some files such as index.dat which record your Internet history and other temp files cannot be deleted during your Windows session. They are marked for deletion when you next shut-down, but may re-appear if you run a concurrent scan in the same session. If you need further assistance with the program or setting your PC, you can contact us for live PC support. Please click here. (link to contact us)

How do I can securely delete my files?

PC Booster has built in Evidence Terminator which can shred any sensitive files in standards that exceed both the Department of Defence (DoD 5220.22-M) and NSA requirements.

To start Evidence Terminator, please click on Tools in PC Booster and select Evidence Terminator.

From here you can drag’n’drop files that you wish to delete, or you can add files and folder location individually. You can then select the method of erasure from Quick (1 overtime pass) to Gutmann (35 overwrite pass). We recommend Safe shredding (3 overwrite pass) or Thorough (7 overwrite pass) depending on the sensitivity of the files being erased. However, each additional overtime pass will increase disk activity and will take more time to complete.

You can also secure erase the contents of your recycle bin from this tool. In addition PC Booster directly integrates into the Windows shell. You can right click on your Recycle Bin on your desktop or Windows Explorer and select to shred a file or Secure erase your Recycle Bin with PC Booster.

Please proceed with caution as secure file erasure will mean the files will be extremely difficult to recover.

If your question has still not been answered then please submit your query to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.